NCR Sets

If you have a requirement for duplicating hand written notes, forms or invoices – we can help.

Common applications include;

Delivery Notes
Risk Assessments
Duty of Care
Vehicle Inspection Forms

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Product Description

What is NCR?

NCR stands for No Carbon Required and it refers to a paper that has been pre treated to produce duplicate copies of the original when pressed with either a pen or an impact printer like a Dot Matrix, so there is no need for the old fashioned "blue carbon paper".

This product is configured for single sided, Black and White printing only.  If you require something different to the above configurations please get in touch for a bespoke quote.

Further Information

We can either glue in to individual sets or glue in to pads; typically 25 or 50 to a pad witha sheet of Thick Grey board at the back.

We can print up to 4-part sets (not currently available to order online) and finish in either padded books or fan-apart sets; we can even design the perfect form for any application for you if required.

Please get in touch with your enquiry and we will prepare a bespoke estimate for you.

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