Taxi Printing: Full Livery

What is a full taxi livery?

When it comes to taxi advertising, a full livery offers maximum branding and visibility to advertisers because the whole taxi is wrapped giving full ownership to the advertiser.

A full taxi livery campaign involves the entire taxi being wrapped in printed vinyl. This format is often chosen for long term awareness campaigns, or where the brand really wants to make a big impact.

Our full taxi livery printing service:

We’ve printed thousands of full livery taxi advertising campaigns in London and across the UK. We will work with you throughout the design stages until an approved artwork is agreed. Once finalised we use state of the art printing equipment, high quality vinyl materials and laminates to produce vibrant and long lasting graphics. Our dedicated finishing team will ensure the graphics are accurately trimmed and packaged for professional installation. 

Whether your campaign is for a single taxi, or hundreds of taxis; Lollipop can help with all your full livery taxi printing needs.

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