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Four reasons to use office wall graphics

You’ve seen it before. Huge graphics on office walls with clever words or mottos. What’s the point in that you might think? Well, it could actually have a positive impact on your employees. A survey of 2,000 UK employees by Perkbox found that only 41 per cent of UK employees feel aligned with their organisations’ goals. Understanding where a company’s going and what it’s trying to achieve can really engage staff who might not feel motivated.

One way to help with this is to immerse your staff in the company goals through wall graphics. What does your company stand for? How can you communicate this creatively in the office? More and more companies are using them to create a more inclusive environment for staff, which makes them feel part of something.

Here are four ways wall graphics can improve your office environment.

  1. Establish company values and goals

    Your company values are who you are as a business. Understanding them can have a huge impact on employees as sit builds more of an emotional connection between them and the business. There’s also an element of pride working for an organisation which stands for something and it can improve productivity. Visualising aims and goals also reminds staff of the objectives they’re working to and can aid in their day-to-day tasks.

  2. Communicate the company history

    A big part of showing where the company has been and what it’s achieved so far, is communicating its history. Any new member of staff might not know the full story and quotes or key milestones can get that across. Your company isn’t just four walls and windows - it’s a story. You can get your office space to be a storytelling machine through some simple graphics.

  3. Encourage creativity and brighten up the office

    Wall graphics don’t just have to be values and goals. It could be a really inspiring art piece, or even just bits of colour which bring the office to life. A big trend is having inspiring quotes around the office. These small changes can really make a difference, giving a bit of colour to previously bland areas. What’s better? A plain, dull wall, or one that will inspire your staff and increase engagement?

  4. Improve the customer experience

    Don’t just consider staff when thinking about wall graphics, it can also show off who you are to customers. Making them feel comfortable when they visit and that they are part of your journey is hugely important. Your core values, creativity and history is all part of selling what you offer as a business. It’s not just the product you’re selling but who you are as people and what you stand for.

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