NFC Printing

What is NFC Printing?

NFC Printing, which is short for Near Field Communication Printing, is a short-range wireless technology that allows data to pass from one device to another by simply touching them or holding them close together. The most common application for NFC technology is contactless payment in bank cards, bus passes and mobile phones.

How is NFC technology used in printing?

The latest smartphones and tablets have embraced NFC technology – and this development has seen NFC Printing become much more popular, with many seeing it as a quick, simple and fun way to connect from a physical piece of marketing (such as a business card or point-of-sale) to a digital piece of marketing - you can embed a link to a website, app, portfolio, event invite, customer feedback form, music playlist, or your favourite cat video. If it has a URL, you can link it.

How can we help your brand with NFC printing?

These clever little chips unlock a world of possibilities when it comes to marketing. We can increase customer engagement and loyalty by making it really easy and fun for them to connect with your brand digitally, via piece of physical printing.

Just imagine what you can do when you combine a relatively cheap sticker with a piece of well-designed printing that entices someone to connect with you brand online.

Example applications for NFC Printing:

Museum Exhibit Plaques

POS - retail, car dealers, estate agents etc.

Charity donations - send customers direct to the payment link from flyer or poster

Loyalty cards 

Connect to smart home products (house lighting etc.)

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