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Tip Seat Advertising

When it comes to taxi advertising, the brand recognition doesn’t stop on the outside of the vehicle. With tip seat advertising posters you can reinforce your message on the inside of the taxi throughout the entire duration of every journey.

What is taxi tip seat advertising?

Tip seat is the term given to the additional seating that folds down inside a taxi. There are usually 2 taxi tip seats in each vehicle, except Vito and TXE models which have 3 panels, fixed to the partition that divides the driver from the passengers; these seats are only used when there are more than 2 passengers. On average, taxi tip seats are in the upright position for more than 75% of the time; and they offer the best in-vehicle advertising opportunity.

Our taxi tip seat printing service:

We can print high quality, long lasting taxi tip seat graphics that are applied to the area that faces the passenger. Your brand will be exposed to hundreds of potential customers for an extended period each week, in every taxi your campaign extends to.

All of our taxi tip seats are printed in high quality hi-tack adhesive and encapsulated to comply with TFL guidelines.

Select your Taxi type along with the quantity you require.  Hit the start button to upload you artwork.

All tip seat graphics are cut to the shape you selected in the taxi type dropdown list.

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