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Why we believe in keeping it local

Fifty or sixty years ago, if you wanted to buy something you’d get in your car, go to your local parade of shops and purchase the bits you needed. It wouldn’t just be about the shopping either. You’d be on first name terms with your local baker, grocer and butchers who you’d spend at least 10 or 15 minutes chatting with. If you were buying something for your business, it would be a slightly longer process (yellow pages, anyone?!) but in the end when you found the organisation you trusted, you would do business with them regularly. Either calling them or popping in to meet face-to-face. It would be a relationship that would last for years because they understood what you needed.

The world has since changed and not necessarily all for the bad. The local parade is now a virtual one, which has an unlimited choice of businesses so you can make an informed decision. It’s brilliant. You can also order something half way across the world with just a few clicks of a button on a website without speaking to a single person. It’s easy and saves time when you need a quick job. But it can’t smile back at you, or make recommendations in the same way a human could. Most importantly, it can’t make a cup of tea! At Lollipop we believe in the power of both approaches. We want people to be able to order online, but we also really value building face-to-face relationships with people. With design and print, it’s particularly important as we think it’s vital to understand your brand and what you’re trying to achieve.

Take the local shop approach from fifty or sixty years ago. When you went to the butcher’s, they’d know your order before you walked in because of the relationship you had established over the years. We believe in that same philosophy. We want to understand the history of your business, who you are, what your needs are, who you’re selling to so we can react as quickly as possible, while maintaining your core brand values. We see ourselves as an extension of your business. We firmly believe that a lot can be achieved over a cup of tea and a chat. So, give us a call and let us know if you’re near one of our offices in Crawley, Brighton or Chichester. We’ll get the kettle on!

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